Videos 2022


NATO  formally offers Sweden and Finland membership to the Alliance - June 28, 2022

Discurso de Petro como presidente electo de Colombia - 19 de junio, 2022


European Union approves Ukraine as an EU candidate country - June 23, 2022


OECD Economic Outlook - The Price of War

June 8, 2022


Remarks by President Biden at the Inaugural Ceremony of the Ninth Summit of the Americas

June 8, 2022

Global food crisis: No progress at Russia-Turkey talks on Ukraine grain exports • FRANCE 24


"Global hunger levels are at a new high" - UN Chief at the Global Food Security Call to Action

May 18, 2022

Geopolitical Outlook | Davos, May 24, 2022


NATO Secretary General in panel discussion at the World Economic Forum, Davos, 24 May 2022


Russian tropos is  weaponizing global food supply in Ukraine war, Blinken says,

May 20 2022


UN Secretary General and other UN officials speak on global impact of war in Ukraine.

May 13, 2022


Sweden - NATO membership would help to deter Russian attacks - May 14, 2022


South Korea’s new President says “dor to Door” policy open to the North

May 10, 2022


Macron says it Will take decades for Ukraine to join de EU - May 9, 2022

Discurso de Lula al lanzar su candidatura a la presidencia, 7 de mayo, 2022


Presidente Colombia anuncia extradición del mayor narcotraficante de ese país

Mayo 4, 2022

AMLO pide a Biden no excluir países de la Cumbre de las Américas, 2 de mayo, 2022


Agriculture and the IX Summit of the Americas

21 de marzo, 2022


Secretary Blinken delivers keynote remarks at the 52nd annual Conference on the Americas Luncheon - May 3, 2022


UN Secretary General at Ukraine


E.U. Warns That Paying for Russian Gas in Rubles Violates Sanctions By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NYT


IMF Debate on the Global Economy.

April 20, 2022


Macron vs Le Pen - Debate French presidential election France 24, April 20, 2022


IMF: Fiscal Monitor, April 2022

IMF: Costs of War in Ukraine

April 19, 2022


IMF Managing Director's Curtain Raiser - Spring Meetings 2022, April, 2022


IMF/WB: The Way Forward: Responding to Global Shocks and Managing Uncertainty.

A conversation between IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva and World Bank Group President David Malpass.

April 19, 2022


CNN: It was a true privilege to speak with Benjamin Ferencz. Now in his 103rd year, he is the last surviving prosecutor at Nuremberg.

April, 2022


Emmanuel Macron's speech after the 1st round of French election

April 10, 2022


INFOBAE: Entrevista a Gabriel Boric 

6 de abril de 2022


IMF:  How Does War Affect Commodities? | Analyze This! - March 18, 2022


U.N: Suspends Russia from Human Rights Council - April 7, 2022


Zelensky addresses United Nations in wake of Bucha massacre, April 5, 2022


War in Ukraine: The Economist interviews President Zelensky | The Economist

March 20, 2022


NATO’s leaders Summit - March 24, 2022


Foreign Policy Live with Kristalina Georgieva and Gita Gopinath - March 22, 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's appeal to US Congress

March 16, 2022


Council of Europe Expels Russia Over Its Invasion of Ukraine - March 15, 2022


European Leaders Meet with Zelensky in Besieged Kyiv - March 15, 2022

Zelenskiy’s address to UK parliament in full

March 8, 2022


Von der Leyen defiende que España sea ‘hub’ energético ante la crisis del Este.

8 de marzo, 2022


President Biden Bans All Imports of Russian Oil, Gas and Energy - March 8, 2022

United Nations General Assembly emergency meeting on Ukraine 3erd session Day 2.

March 1, 2022


Watch live- European Parliament debates responses to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

March 1, 2022


Intervención de Manuel Rodríguez Cuadros.

UN General Assembly Eleventh Emergency Special Session (Ukraine) - 2nd plenary meeting (Part 2)


Ukraine- General Assembly Emergency Special Session | United Nations (Part 1)

Februaty 28, 2022


President Zelenskyy's, speech to the Russian people, February 24, 2022


Ukraine - Security Council, 8979th meeting | United Nations | UN WEB February 25, 2022

President Biden announces new sanctions on Russia February 24, 2022


Russia-Ukraine crisis- Putin orders military operation in Ukraine February 23, 2022


Ukraine's president speaks out amid Russian invasion, February 24, 2022


EU condemns Russia’s ‘barbaric’ attack on Ukraine, prepares tougher sanctions February 24, 2022


NATO Secretary General following extraordinary meeting of the North Atlantic Council, 24 FEB 2022


Ukraine - Security Council, 8974th meeting | United Nations | UNTV Live (23 Feb 2022) – Official February 23, 2022

UN General Assembly meets to discuss Ukraine's 'temporarily occupied territories' February 23, 2022


Declaración del Secretario General de la ONU ante el Pleno de la Asamblea General, 23 de febrero de 2022


U.N.’s Guterres speaks about Russia and Ukraine, February 22, 2022


President Biden Announces Sanctions on Russia, February 22, 2022


NATO Secretary General press conference following meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Council, February 22, 2022


Borrell comparece tras el Consejo de Asuntos exteriores de la UE sobre Ucrania y Rusia, 21 de febrero de 2022


Russian President Putin Addresses Nation Following Security Council's Meeting on Donbass, February 21, 2022


Munich Security Conference Day 3,

February 20, 2022

Munich Security Conference Day 2

February 19, 2022


Munich Security Conference Day 1

February 18, 2022

Reunión del Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU por las tensiones Ucrania-Rusia, 17 de febrero, 2022


Antony Blinken's entire United Nations speech, February 17, 2022


Putin, Brazil’s Bolsonaro hold press conference after meeting.

February 16, 2022


President Biden addresses the nation on the Ukraine-Russia crisis.

February,  15 2022


NATO Secretary General with the President of Colombia 🇨🇴 Iván Duque Márquez, 14 de febrero de 2022


Presidente argentino se reúne con Xi Jinping en Pekín - 6 de febrero de 2022


Reunión entre Alberto Fernández y Vladímir Putin - 3 de febrero de 2022


Conferencia de lideres de Francia, Alemania y Polonia en Berlín sobre Ucrania.

8 de febrero de 2022


Ukraine’s President Urges Caution Around Talk of War With Russia.


Jan. 28, 2022 


Conferencia de Prensa del Secretario de Estado Blinken después de su entrevista con el Canciller ruso Lavrov.

Ginebra, 21 de enero 2022



NATO Secretary General with Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine 🇺🇦 Olga Stefanishyna,

10 JAN 2022


New OSCE Chair, Secretary General hold joint press conference following Permanent Council meeting - January 13th, 2022


Russian Deputy FM Grushko speaks following NATO-Russia meeting - January 12, 2022


State Department Holds Press Briefing Amid High-Stakes Talks In Geneva With Russia, January 10, 2022


Ryabkov and Gatilov brief media following Russia-US strategic talks in Geneva, January 10, 2022


NATO Secretary General following the meeting of the NATO-Russia Council 🇷🇺 12 JAN 2022


Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivers remarks ahead of meeting with Russia

January 7, 2022


Biden marks Jan. 6 attack 1st anniversary

IMF: Analyze This! Inflation